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Welcome to Elm Regency

【Information on using the venue】

  •  【Flower Hall】

    ■All rooms 100 tsubo(330㎡ ・Flower Hall)

    ・50 tsubo(165㎡ ・Katorea)
    ・20 tsubo(66㎡ ・ Lira)
    ・30 tsubo(99㎡ ・Margaret)

    *You can use the Flower Hall divided into 3 parts (divided by partition) according to the purpose.

  • 【Venue price list】
    Venue price list *All prices are tax-excluded.
  • 【Venue sketch】
    Venue sketch
    Flower Hall 2nd floor of the hotel/Meeting room(A / B)
Flower HallSize:100 tsubo(330㎡)
Estimated number of people:Seated 110 people/Stand-up 150 people
KatoreaSize:50 tsubo(165㎡)
Estimated number of people:40 seated/Stand-up 60 people
MargaretSize:20 tsubo(66㎡)
Estimated number of people:20 seated/Standing meal 30 people
LiraSize:30 tsubo(99㎡)
Estimated number of people:30 seated/40 standing meals

Information on using the conference【Anti-COVID 19 Measures layout consultation is available】

  • Please use it for all kinds of banquets, meetings and parties, exhibitions, etc.

【Meetings, exhibitions, dinners, banquets】

  • 【Conferences / exhibitions】

    It is used by many customers for meetings and seminars including accommodation.
    The price is set according to the content.
    Please feel free to contact us.
  • 【Seminar room】

    It can be used for corporate training, seminars and student examination venues.
  • 【WEB conference plan / special price:55,000 yen(Tax included)】

    <The photo is an image>
    ・Venue size:99㎡ 
    ・We accept layouts upon request.
    ・It is plan only for a period.We will guide you at a special rate.
    ・Rental fees for various equipment (screens, projectors, whiteboards) are also included.
【plan details】
 Free rental itemsCorner table(60 cm x 1800 cm)/Whiteboard/
projector(EPSON EB-2142W)/screen(100 inches)
 Open Hours4 hours
Extension fee 1 hour:15,730 yen(Tax included)
 VenueBetween the 2nd floor Rira no Ma(Size:99㎡/Ceiling height:3.0m)
 plan benefitsCoffee (self-service / for 10 pots) + 10 bottles of mineral water
 Internet environmentFree Wi-Fi available *We recommend a preliminary survey.
 waiting roomCustomers who wish to have a waiting room, such as a lecturer, will be guided to the guest room at a special rate of 5,500 yen (tax included).
*Please contact us for availability.

【Main equipment rental fee(Tax included)】

Whiteboard1,100 JPY(times)
projector7,700 yen(times)
screen3,300 JPY(times)
  • Whiteboard

    1,100 JPY(times)
  • projector

    7,700 yen(times)
  • screen

    3,300 JPY(times)


  • Numazu City and Mishima City are adjacent to each other and are ideal for events that invite customers from various areas.
    The maximum size of the hall is 100 tsubo, and it can be divided into 50 tsubo / 20 tsubo / 30 tsubo depending on the application.
    ■50 tsubo (Katorea)
    ■20 tsubo (Margaret)
    ■30 tsubo (Lira)

    Wi-Fi environment is also in place.

    *Currently, it is possible to support with a Coronavirus
     Please contact me. We are waiting for you to use it.
  • course meal

    Please enjoy cooking that makes the best use of seasonal ingredients.
    Eclectic course meal 5,000 yen (excluding tax) ~
    【Menu example】
    ■Appetizer ■sashimi ■Porcelain panel ■Steamed food ■Boiled food ■pottery ■Salad ■Meat Dish ■Fried food■Hand-rolled sushi ■Bowl ■Dessert
  • Venue layout

    Venue "Flower Hall" image photo
  • Venue table table image

    Round table 1800π:5 people 
    *"Clear partition" can be installed as a countermeasure against Corona infection
  • Venue Flower Hall

    Please contact us for the layout.